The worm that lives inside my ear
Says all the things I don't want to hear
He slithers back into my head
Eats all the living, shits out the dead

Nothing I can do
Not allowed to be
We're all born to suffer
But you're crippling me

I can't take it
Please don't change me
I won't make it
Just erase me

Nothing I can do
Not allowed to be
We're all born to suffer
But you're crippling me

"This is evolution."


Put your heart in an eggshell, watch it crumble away
You fucked your tomorrow so you're fucking today
Taking the outside and sticking it in
The hole's getting bigger, splitting the skin

The empty inside says you need to eat
And everything on this planet is meat
Churning inside, it's making you sick
Vomitted out, it can never be fixed

And I know that you wanted to life forever
Save yourself from hell
But you know that we'll be together
When we kill ourselves

And you got everything you wanted
But it's not enough for you
And all the leeches eat each other
Now there's nothing else to use

The acid you sow brings a harvest of waste
Swallow it faster to cover the taste
Houses of glass were not built to last
And you will know famine, as only I have

This is starvation

Never accept anything but what you tell yourself
Nothing is real in your world, you want to be someone else
You are the self-cannibal, survival-suicide
The only way that you've found, damage a broken mind

Wasn't your wonderful world enough?
You had to devour the sky
You've never had something to live for
But now you've got a reason to die

Save yourself
Kill yourself



I gaze into the mirror
and do not recognize the image before me
because nothing is left that is real.
I am only what you have created,
the abomination that you wanted.
The face I see is not a reflection of me
but a reflection of you.
You hate me because I am the physical manifestation
of all you hate within yourselves.
You ask me what it feels like to be a freak.
I can only tell you what it's like to be your freak.


The thing across the room is speaking
I can not look away
It does not move but sound is leaking
The face is plastic grey
It says it has a message for me
Sent by the ugly light
It says this tiny space will warm me
But all I see is white

Why take it away from me?
You taint everything
Don't I get a place to be?
We all want something
You won't taint me

I don't want to feel your fingers inside of me
I don't need your sanitation to inspire me

He has a piece of wood he tries to
Nail into my head
I hear the buzz of insect wings with
Every word he says
He has a little puppet of me
He makes it dance and lie
He says that no one else will love me
He makes me want to die

(white noise)


(When you fall down from the sky)
(You will suffer, never die.)

Sucking everything

Hate everlasting
Hate as pure as sunshine
Hate that consumes every thought
Hate that keeps me awake at night
Eyes staring wide
Knowing that you are still breathing
That you are still allowed to exist
When I would gladly smile and die to see the Earth burnt to a crisp
And hear the silent screams of seven billion monkeys descending into twilight
A thousand plagues upon your race

Know forever
I endeavor

A Hate that gives purpose.


The quiet place that grows inside my head
Has all the things I broke and left for dead
All my favorite colors fade to Black
Evidence that I'm not coming back

In this world there is a place
Where things go to be erased
This disease, it takes its toll
But nothing, nothing fills The Hole

Everything I love slips away
The light seeps out through all the cracks I made
I can feel The Hole inside me grow
The cavity that rots away my soul

In this world there is a place
Where things go to be defaced
This disease, it takes its toll
But nothing, nothing kills The Hole

Well is this what you wanted?
Cause this is what you get
Nothing seems to change me
And I can not forget
Don't give your love to me
Or watch it all decay
This song could have been beautiful
But I pissed it all away

What do you think about your hero now?
Please don't let me destroy your world

Everything I touch turns to shit
And every day I die just a little bit
This is not the way it was supposed to be
If I could start over I'd be anyone but me


I wake to an apocalypse of ashen grey.
Destroyed buildings hang in the smoke.
All is concrete and broken glass.
The air stings my nostrils.
The vomit burns my throat.

They wanted me to hold the world.
I was Atlas and failed.
I tore the planet in half, but the burden was still to much.
With a great crash, the world fell.
I can no longer feel the people of Earth.
They are no longer human.
They are something else.

I'm sane enough to know this may not be real.
I might be in my room, curled up on the carpet.
But I am still here.
And they are all gone.
And I can't wake up.